About Us

Our Mission

It is Lingotek’s mission to provide effective solutions for employees to securely communicate with their employer, coworkers, and customers regardless of where they are located. We will negotiate and provide the best solutions through multiple vendors, so our clients are given the best options. No matter the challenge, we will remain committed to responding quickly, purposely, and above all else, service the customer.


Focus On Your Customers – And We’ll Focus On You

Lingotek Solutions is a trusted advisor for our clients and with our experience. Lingotek navigates through the complex interior of all the major carriers. Additionally, Lingotek Solutions is one of the largest channel partners in the Midwest. Our team has over 100 years of telecom experience. This allows us to diagnose and resolve issues immediately. 

Lingotek Solutions will be a valuable resource to your business because our experience enables us to foresee industry issues before they occur, therefore saving our clients time and money with our proactive approach to technology. This has been a key to our success since 2006. 

 During the deployment of your new network services, Lingotek Solutions will be a part of your team and manage all the responsibilities in a timely manner in order to facilitate a graceful implementation. Lingotek Solutions will always be the single point of contact. Typically without our involvement order process is passed on from one group to the other.

Many of our clients use Lingotek Solutions as their single point of contact for all telecommunications. Lingotek has partner agreements with all the major carriers which allows unlimited resources when supporting our clients. As your business needs change, Lingotek Solutions is always aware of the new offerings that come available and will provide guidance to your business as their needs evolve. 

 Additionally we provide:

  • Assistance on client responsibility related to complex network implementation.
  • Ongoing account management support and assistance on telecom issues across all vendors.
  • Objective guidance on evolving telecom needs with multi-vendor expertise.

Woman owned and operated since 2006.

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